Congratulations to our wonderful team of professionals on a successful 2017. Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates hosted their year-end celebration last weekend at Hole Bowl where year-end awards were received, and the team celebrated a year of many accomplishments.

In 2017, Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates: 

Represented more buyers and sellers in the region.
Closed most expensive residential listing in the Jackson Hole area.
Formed strategic partnerships that share our vision and values.
Partnered with a top selling development in the region.
Positioned our ranch division top among competitors.
Continued to grow our team of top ranking agents who are dedicated to giving back to this community.

The 2017 award recipients: 

2017 Top Producer Jackson Hole Individual: Steve Duerr
2017 Top Producer Jackson Hole Team: The NeVille Group (David NeVille, Shawn Asbell, Samantha Marquis)
2017 Top Producer Star Valley: Patty Speakman
2017 Top Producer Teton Valley: Fall Line Realty Group (Paul Kelly, Brice Nelson) 
2017 Agent Choice Award: Mack Mendenhall
2017 Professional Excellence Awards
- Live Jackson Hole (Chopper Grassell, Richard Lewis, Rad Spencer, Kevin Perry, Kathleen Hesler)
- Snake River Sporting Club
- Cindee George
- Nancy Clancy
2017 W.O.W Awards
- Abby Johnson 
- David Vandenberg 
- Samantha Marquis 
- Dukes Murray 
- Kathleen Jefferis 
- Shea DeMello 
- Rad Spencer 
- Fall Line Realty Group (Paul Kelly, Brice Nelson)
- Yancy Perkins 
2017 Influencer of the Year: Garth Gillespie
2017 Philanthropist of the Year: Christy Gillespie 
2017 Mountain Mover: Budge Realty Group (Chad Budge, Dianne Budge, Rebekkah Kelley)
2017 Luxury Achievement Awards
- David Vandenberg
- Kathleen Jefferis
2017 JHREA Ambassadors 
- Samantha Marquis
- David Turner
- Kim Havell
2017 Gratitude Awards 
- Elizabeth Douville
- Grecia Sosa
2017 Associate Appreciation Award: Barbara Andrews
Special Achievement Awards
- Harry Talermo
- David Turner
- Oly Olson 
- Camille Thomas
- Michael S. Pruett


Photographer: Samantha Livingston

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