Expansive wilderness, superlative skiing and a top-notch food scene await visitors to this charming, idiosyncratic town and valley.

There’s a reason the Chinese have built a resort town near Beijing that is inspired by Jackson Hole. There’s a lot to aspire to — from the expansive wilderness of the “Hole,” which refers to the huge valley ringed by mountains, to some of the best skiing in North America, and now a top-notch food scene in the town of Jackson, an increasingly spunky outpost that is more laid back than its tony cousin to the south, Aspen. Even in the winter, visitors can get the most out of the area by spending as much time as possible exploring the vast backcountry brimming with wildlife. But also take advantage of Jackson’s charming and idiosyncratic indoor establishments, which include restaurants that are bringing a sophisticated edge to the area. In fact, the burgeoning night life scene, with elite sushi, Seattle-caliber hipster restaurants, stylish bars and down-home watering holes, provides plenty to rescue a culture-seeker from cowboy kitsch.

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Published byNY Times | Dec. 7, 2017 

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