Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates was pleased to host the opening reception this week for renown photographer Alexander Lindsay’s newest art exhibition, All That Is Good Is Wild and Free. The reception was the first time the Scottish-born artist’s work – which was shot entirely in Grand Teton National Park – was publicly displayed.


Speaking to a group of nearly 150 attendees, Lindsay explained that his photography is a celebration of the region’s rugged beauty and the fragility of places that remains largely untouched by modern development.



A former foreign affairs correspondent and photo-journalist, Lindsay has spent much of his career capturing the lifestyles and landscapes of remote corners of the world. His earliest work was informed by years spent living with Maasai tribe in Tanzania, an experience that turned him on to documentary filmmaking.


Lindsay would later turn his lens to life in Soviet-occupied Afghanistan. He returned again to the Middle East during the first Gulf War and in 2004 during the conflicts of Operations: Enduring Freedom. He then spent more than five years filming and photographing the wreckage of the Titanic, which culminated with his entering the sunken ship in a submersible.


His most recent project, All That Is Good Is Wild and Free, was shot over several months in Grand Teton National Park in 2015. The images capture the area’s sprawling beauty in both minute detail and epic scale. Many of the installations span up to 20 feet; others less than 2 feet.


Unique in its process, Lindsay’s photography incorporates a multi-layered approach, state-of-the-art equipment and innovative printing techniques, many of which he developed himself. The result are images that, Lindsay says, “do justice to the magnificent areas I have traveled.”



Hosted at the top of the Bridger Gondola at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, the location provided a fitting venue. A passing evening thunderstorm, which temporarily shut down the passenger lifts, emphasized Lindsay’s focus on nature’s untamed spirit.


At Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates, we strive to always honor this remarkable destination and those individuals whose work celebrate what makes it unique.


Linday’s artwork will be on display through Tuesday, August 6 at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. The full schedule is available here.   


To learn more, please contact our dedicated team.

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