Community Safety Network provides housing with hope for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and/or stalking. The following thank you letter was from a former CSN client:

“There is no way my family and I could have come so far as quickly as we have since arriving at CSN. Now we have a place to call home that provides comfort and safety my children have never had. The apartment has provided a backbone, a sense of HOME we so richly needed and deserved. You have given my children the biggest gift – the safety and security they feel here. Thank you. I am forever grateful!”

Community Safety Network’s mission is to support lasting change for those affected by domestic violence, sexual assault and/or stalking. One the most important tools in supporting lasting change is providing safe shelter for the victim and their children. In our 37-year history serving survivors we have never turned a client away due to a lack of space!

Emergency Shelter: CSN offers temporary emergency shelter through the 7-bedroom Newton House of Hope, where victims can reside up to 8 weeks. Andy Cavallaro, Executive Director, says victims typically stay longer here than what other shelters allow due to the lack of affordable housing in Jackson Hole. Cavallaro states, “Jackson Hole is a financially difficult place to live without having to manage the daily challenges that our clients do. I am inspired everyday by the determination, creativity and strength that I see every day.”

Long Term Transitional Housing: CSN offers long-term transitional housing through its 5 on-campus apartments where victims and their children can reside up to 2 years. CSN Education and Prevention Director Shannon Nichols says, “Transitional housing is where CSN clients make life-long changes they have been dreaming about for years.” Clients work through their individualized plans and pay 30 percent of their income in rent. They are also engaged in social service programs, which include financial literacy and coaching. “We’re trying to help them learn to budget,” Cavallaro says, noting that abusers commonly manipulate their victims by controlling household finances. This opportunity to save allows survivors to build a nest egg and work towards financial independence and safety.

SafePAWS: CSN offers victims the assurance that their companion animal can be with them through the SafePAWS program. Studies show a clear link between domestic violence, child abuse, and abuse of animals. With more than 70% of victims entering a shelter reporting that their pet is also in danger. Samantha Livingston, a CSN Volunteer Advocate, is impressed that “SafePAWS is one of only 27 programs in the country that offers safety and hope for our furry friends.”

Visit to donate or learn more about what CSN does. Because everyone deserves a safe place to wake up.

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