Jackson hole is one of the world’s most unique places with views that will never change and residential architecture that pairs with the beautiful surroundings. From Classic timber frame designs to contemporary architecture, we explore the different styles that make up residences of Jackson Hole:

Western Contemporary

Western contemporary, in our eyes, is a harmonious blend of traditional western, rustic materials blended with modern design elements. Contemporary residences incorporate a wide array of pivotal elements as well as the expression of the architect. They are designed to bring nature and the surrounding views inside.



Log Homes

From simple designs to complex layouts, living in a rustic environment can transport you to another time and place. Log homes have evolved into large, spacious homes. The look of hand-hewn lumber, hammered copper, and stone floors are all popular touches that give a luxury estate the unpretentious warmth of a log house. The rocky mountain life that we know and love is truly found inside of a Jackson Hole log home.




Timber Frames

Traditional and contemporary timber frame structures that create healthy and high performance homes lasting for generations. These can range from rustic to very modern. A beautiful design that can easily blend with its natural surroundings. 




Ranch Homes

Ranches occupy a singular place in the American west, from the spectacular vistas and wide open spaces to recreational activities and cattle operations. Ranch homes hold an undeniable appeal, whether they’re connected to an active ranch or simply a beautiful estate. These homes are designed for the landscape. Even with every imaginable modern convenience, life on a ranch can still feel rugged and adventurous.

CREDIT: David J Swift


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