Jackson Hole may be known as a ski town, but don’t overlook its hockey scene. For nearly thirty years Jackson Youth Hockey has been helping children of all ages get on the ice. More than your run-of-the-mill sports program, Jackson Youth Hockey strives to foster leadership skills, sportsmanship and accountability in participants. And with great success. Its players have gone on to achieve big things, both on and off the rink.


Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates is proud to support this outstanding program. This year we had the privilege of sponsoring the Jackson Youth Hockey practice jerseys for all ages. It’s a small but important way for us to give back—and one of the many opportunities Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates has embraced to support the organizations that make this valley such an incredible place to live.  


Jackson Youth Hockey Players

Jackson Youth Hockey players show off their jerseys, sponsored by JHREA.

Jackson Youth Hockey Players on the Ice

In addition to the fundamentals of the game, Jackson Youth Hockey teaches leadership, sportsmanship and accountability.


On the Grow on the Ice

Since its inception in 1989, Jackson Youth Hockey has steadily grown, both in size and popularity. Almost 300 players enrolled in the program this season. In 2016, Drew Akins, a five-year veteran professional hockey player and a forward for the Jackson Moose hockey team, assumed the Director role at Jackson Youth Hockey.


“I can’t say that there are many towns of this size that have this strong of a hockey following and people that care so much about the sport,” Akins told the Jackson Hole News & Guide. “That was kind of my first impression, just how strong of a hockey presence there is in Jackson.”

Jackson Youth Hockey Director, Drew Akins

Former pro hockey player Drew Akins stepped into the Director role at Jackson Youth Hockey in 2016. (Photo: JH News & Guide)


The Jackson Youth Hockey teams are off to a great start this year. Earlier this month the Jackson Moose Peewees won the championship at the Fuller Ross Memorial, a multi-state invitational that included teams from across Wyoming, Montana and Utah. Only a week earlier the Squirt A Moose squad (ages 9 and 10) took the championship game at Great Falls, Montana to a hard-fought overtime shootout.


Jackson Hole is a remarkable place to live, which is due in large to organizations like Jackson Youth Hockey that add so much to our community fabric. Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates is proud to support these programs that make this place home.


Jackson Moose Peewees

The Jackson Moose Peewees after winning the Fuller Ross Memorial Invitational this month.

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