Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates is pleased to share an exclusive first-look at REALM, the proprietary new platform that promises to revolutionize luxury real estate markets. Like a Match.com for real estate, REALM connects discerning clientele with properties that fit their interests and lifestyle, removing much of the guesswork to create a custom, bespoke experience.  


Across nearly every industry, technology is reshaping the consumer experience. And nowhere are these changes happening faster than in real estate. Instantaneous data, artificial intelligence and digital marketing tools are connecting individuals with their interests, erasing the boundaries between life and lifestyle. More than ever, buyers expect their homes and property to reflect their passions—a trend that is likely to only accelerate as more and more tech-savvy, socially-conscious Millennials enter the market.


Market Statistics


REALM caters to those new expectations by providing the tools to create personal, relevant experiences. Through the platform’s database agents can develop profiles, both for buyers and sellers and properties. The system then connects each side based on compatibility, which is derived from an extensive range of metrics.


A conservation philanthropist, for example, may demonstrate a strong compatibility with a property in Jackson Hole, or a connoisseur of the arts may match closely with a home in Taos. Brokers can then use the information sourced by REALM to provide those clients with the highest levels of tailored, white-glove service.


Unlike any sales tool before it, REALM is designed to foster relationship through collaborative, lifestyle-inspired experiences. And it is empowering buyers, sellers and agents with the power of data.


REALM: The Inspiration


REALM was born out of a simple but profound question: In a data-driven world, how can technology be harnessed to build relationships and cultivate personal connections.


“The answer was almost staring at us,” says Julie Faupel, Owner of Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates and one of the creative minds behind REALM. “There is such an abundance of information available to home in on what really excites people on a personal level. We began exploring how that data could be used to move real estate beyond a transactional experience to connect with people on a personal level.”


The potential, REALM developers quickly realized, is immense. With a wealth of data, agents have the resources to provide tailored service that narrowly focuses on clients’ interests. Whereas the real estate process was once a game of assumptions and speculation, REALM now bridges the gap to help brokers identify opportunities and create personalized fits between buyers, sellers and properties.


“We are in the relationship business,” Julie explains. “With REALM, we have a tool that empowers agents to make those connections, to build trust and to serve their clients and our communities better. Above all, that’s what REALM is about—connecting with individuals all around the world and connecting them with the homes and properties that excite their passions.”


A New Approach


The People-First Experience


REALM is still in the beta stages, with exciting features like voice dictation, A.I. integration, strategic partnerships and mobile tools being added daily. The final product is expected to be introduces as early as April of this year.


“We expect REALM will revolutionize the real estate experience,” Julie adds. “From first-time homebuyers to luxury investors, the potential is boundless. And for agents and sellers, too—the ability to make and cultivate meaningful relationships is a big step up from the old way of doing business. We are proud to be at the forefront of this change and look forward to formally introducing REALM.”  

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