2015YearEnd Quick Facts

The real estate market in Star Valley showed a positive increase in the number of sales for both single family homes and building sites in 2015 when compared to 2014. The total number of transactions increased 12%, from 373 sales in 2014 to 418 sales at the end of 2015. Sales volume increased from $85,040,349 to $92,232,683, but the average sales price actually decreased from $227,990 to $220,652. The overall trends of 2015 continued to show increased transactions and decreased inventory.

Regarding inventory, at year-end 2015 there were 629 active listings in the Star Valley area. This is about a 10% decrease from 702 active listings at year-end 2014. Click to view full report.

This report gives a broad overview of the Star Valley real estate market, however, each neighborhood and property in the Star Valley area is unique and requires individual analysis for an accurate estimate of value and the market conditions which affect the value. Contact any of our professionals at Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates for a more in-depth analysis of a specific neighborhood or property.

SV Market Report_2015YearEnd

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