When choosing where to live, there’s more to consider than school districts and neighborhoods. Where you live can affect your health, how long you live and your overall well-being. We are so proud of our communities, ranking in the top 20 on the US News Healthiest Communities of 2018 list! Sublette County, Wyoming and Teton County, Wyoming came in at 14 and 19, respectively, out of nearly 3000 counties surveyed. In addition, Teton County, Idaho was ranked 49 and Lincoln County, Wyoming was ranked 102.

Research was conducted by The Aetna Foundation and the University of Missouri, Center for Applied Research and Engagement Systems in an effort to empower citizens, health care leaders and officials to make more informed decisions around policies and practices related to improving health outcomes for all.

Ten categories were surveyed with approximately eighty markers across them, both counties scored exceptionally high in the categories of population health, food & nutrition, and environment. This combined with the many other lifestyle and economic benefits makes these counties two of the most desirable locations for relocation of families young and old.

At JHREA, we strive to not only help you find the perfect property in the perfect area, but to also help you find a property that enhances your wellbeing and lifestyle. We’ve emphasized our commitment to health and wellness with the addition of our wellness program, here to enhance the lives of our agents and those they serve. Contact a JHREA Real Estate Professional to see how we can help you live better in two of the healthiest communities in the country.

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