At Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates, we hold SPACE by continuing to champion and celebrate our area’s beauty, history and lifestyle through business and community involvement. Our team of professionals welcome all people into our space to discuss the unique Teton lifestyle and benefits of owning real estate.

But all of our professionals hold space in their own unique way. Holding SPACE is simply withholding judgement, having empathy, listening, being present, emotionally connecting and communicating that incredibly healing message of “We’re in this together.” 

Project:SPACE is a brand and movement for Seekers of Peace, Awareness, Connection and Equality. Born out of a desire to create a world built on empowerment, compassion and oneness, Project:SPACE is an opportunity for small business owners to be part of the solution. As a member and by posting our sticker, we are agreeing to create and hold a non-judgmental, welcoming space for people of all races, religions, belief systems and beautifully unique perspectives.

We encourage anyone and everyone to visit our space. We have seven locations throughout Jackson Hole and the surrounding areas.


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